chemfp fpb_text command-line options

The fpb_text subcommand shows the TEXT sections of an FPB file. Currently this is only used to store the copyright notice, attribution, and license for licensed ChEMBL data sets.

The following comes from chemfp fpb_text --help:

Usage: chemfp fpb_text [OPTIONS] FILENAME

  Show the TEXT sections of an FPB file.

  --list-labels  Only show the labels of the TEXT blocks.
  --label STR    Only show the named label(s). Can be used more than once.
  --in FORMAT    The input FPB file format.
  --help         Show this message and exit.

Example output:

% chemfp fpb_text --list-labels chembl_32.fpb.gz
% chemfp fpb_text --label Attribution chembl_32.fpb.gz | head -5
The data in ChEMBL is covered by the licence in the file LICENSE.

Under the -BY clause, we request attribution for subsequent use of ChEMBL.